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Welcome to Qporia.com, the social shopping network that allows you to create a social feed with all your favorite products

By using the features of our social shopping platform, users can create a shopping experience tailored to their taste. Use our powerful search fetures to find great brands and products that you love – then share with friends! On Qporia you can create collections (wishlists), tag friends, comment, rate, review and more. When you love and share stuff, Your Qporia feed will find you items customized to your taste, so you'll only see products that you're going to love! We'll also hit you up by email when things you love go on sale, were awesome like that!

Qporia integrates three of today's most prominent online technologies: search, social and e-commerce. Our name is inspired by the use of "Q" for query and "emporia", the Latin word for marketplace. Today Qporia.com aggregates over 50,000 products into one online shopping platform so users can find and save the items they love in one place. Qporia is for social networkers and fashion forward shoppers alike!

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